How long does my surgery take?
Lumbar discectomy - about 1 hour
Lumbar laminectomy - about 2 hours
Anterior cervical discectomy with fusion - about 2 hours
Interbody Fusion - about 3 hours
Craniotomy - about 2 ½ hours
Shunt - about 1 hour

How long will I be hospitalized?
Lumbar discectomy - usually 1 day
Lumbar laminectomy - usually 1 day
Anterior cervical discectomy with fusion - usually 1 day
Interbody Fusion - usually 2-4 days
Craniotomy - usually 2-4 days
Shunt - usually 1 day
What Forms do i need to fill out?
You need to fill out our Patient History and Patient Demographics Forms     Click on Link
How should I modify my activities after surgery?  

  You can do most of your typical daily activities. It is OK to take walks after surgery and climb stairsAvoid lifting objects that weigh over 5-10 pounds. Avoid aggressive yard work, housework, or other aggressive physical activity.  
  When do I need to come back to see the surgeon again?
Schedule a post-op appointment with your surgeon for two weeks after your surgery.

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